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Our start up attorneys provide entrepreneurs and start up advice to small businesses and start up companies. We counsel high-growth companies and businesses that inspire to build long-standing and profitable companies. Our start up attorneys and business advisors understand how to properly set up your business. We provide the following start up advice:
• Start up and Entrepreneurial Law Advice
• Set up of appropriate business structure
• Employment and tax advice
• LLC Incorporations and S Corporation Establishment
• Obtaining Federal Tax Identification Numbers
• Purchase and Sale of a Franchise
• Business Purchases and Sale Transactions
• Set up of Restaurants, Bars, and Other Establishments
• Counsel related to local licenses and laws
• Business Agreements and Corporate Contracts
• Review of Commercial Real Estate Leases
• Asset Protection Planning
• Estate Planning for Business Owners
• Buy Sell Agreements
• Partnership and Written Business Agreements
• LLC Operating Agreements and Bylaws
• Appropriate business tax structure advice and payroll tax advice
We are a start up attorney and business attorney that counsels his fellow start up and entrepreneurial business attorneys. Like you, We are an entrepreneur that is committed to providing exceptional legal advice and business counsel to start up companies. Whether you are a start up company or have a dream of starting a start up company, Sean can provide you business, tax, and financial advice. We also can counsel you on appropriate financing arrangements.


Our experienced entrepreneurial and start up attorneys provide business legal services to its’ fellow start up companies and entrepreneurs. We are a 15-year business attorney and graduate of DePaul University College of Law. Sean focused on business and tax planning law.
Unlike most business attorneys, Sean has asset protection and tax planning law background in such areas:
• Business Law and Transactions
• Federal Income Taxation
• LLC Taxation
• Corporate Taxation including S corporation tax planning
• Individual Tax Planning
• Estate and Gift Tax Planning
• Family Business Succession Planning

CONTACT US TODAY AT 630-780-1034

Sean provides initial consultations to start up companies. Our start up attorneys provide seasoned and experienced business law consultations. As an entrepreneur that has made and lost hundreds of thousand dollars, Sean has a lot of trial and error advice to give start up companies and their owners. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Sean understands hard-work, innovative use of technology, and cutting-edge technology to transform business. We are reachable at 630-780-1034.

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