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South Naperville Landlord Eviction Attorneys

South Naperville Landlord Eviction Attorneys


Will County Landlord Eviction Attorneys in Naperville IL

We are a premier real estate eviction attorney for landlords in the South Naperville and Aurora Illinois areas.  We handle Will County Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions in Joliet, Illinois.  Our attorneys and support staff are experienced at assisting landlords with the rental property eviction process in Will County. 

Experienced South Naperville and Aurora Il Landlord and Tenant Eviction Attorneys

Sean has over 15 years of experience as an attorney and legal advocate.  We are a DePaul University College of Law Graduate and a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with his Bachelor of Science degree.  As a real estate investor, Sean understands the importance of cash flow.

Our attorneys will assist you get rid of the following types of tenants:

  • Non-Payment of Rent. We will prepare 5-day notices for landlords as well.
  • Termination of Oral Leases. We will prepare 30-day notices for landlords.
  • Evicting Ex-Girlfriends, Ex-Boyfriends, and Children. We will prepare 30-day notices for landlords.
  • Hold over Tenants from leases that have expired. We will help landlords with drafting the 30-day notices.
  • Illegal activities and breaches of the rental lease agreement. We will assist landlords with 10-day notices.
  • Commercial Evictions. We help with 5-day, 10 day, and 30-day notices for commercial landlords.

Contact Us Today at 630-780-1034 to Hire Your South Naperville and Aurora IL Landlord Eviction Attorneys

Call us today at 630-780-1034.  We can immediately start the eviction process in South Naperville and Aurora IL for the Will County Clerk of the 12th Judicial Circuit.  We offer FREE phone consultations, and everything gets done over phone and internet unless you want to set-up a FREE initial consultation.  We handle landlord matters exclusively.

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