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Disputes happen in business and real estate deals, and resolving these disputes through litigation can often be a costly and time-consuming process. If both parties agree, arbitration can be used to resolve a dispute without going to court. With arbitration, a third party arbitrator plays the role of judge and jury. This alternative dispute resolution process typically works faster than the court system and saves both parties money.

How Arbitration Works

When two parties enter into arbitration they agree to present their case and relevant evidence to an arbitrator and allow the arbitrator to decide the matter. There are two types of arbitration – binding and non-binding. With a binding arbitration the decision of the arbitrator can be enforced by the court if necessary. It is also final and not subject to appeal (except in extraordinary circumstances). With non-binding arbitration the process is used more as a tool to resolve a dispute, but the decision of the arbitrator has no actual legal authority.

While not appropriate in every situation, arbitration has several benefits to offer those who are engaged in a dispute including:

  • Speedy resolutions – Arbitrations can be resolved in a very short time while court proceedings can take months or even years.
  • Affordability – Protracted legal battles are costly in terms of legal fees and potential business losses while disputes remain unresolved.
  • Less contentiousness – Arbitration allows both parties to meet in a less formal setting to discuss solutions to their dispute. Even a non-binding arbitration can help adversaries find common ground and meet in the middle to find creative and mutually acceptable resolutions.

Do You Need an Attorney for an Arbitration?

While the arbitration process does not require an attorney, hiring an attorney who is experienced in working with arbitrations can be extremely valuable. When the dispute involves high stakes, the advice of a good lawyer can more than justify the expense of the legal fees. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we offer experienced legal counsel to clients involved in arbitrations. We have over 12 years of experience providing legal representation in business law and real estate law. We use our negotiation and litigation experience to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome in their arbitration.

If you are involved in a dispute that will be settled through arbitration and are seeking experienced legal advice contact us at 630-882-9117 to schedule a consultation. We will meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your dispute and how we can help you achieve resolution. Our firm serves clients throughout Will County including Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Yorkville and Bolingbrook.