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Quit Claim Deeds

Quit Claim Deeds

Quit Claim Property Transfer Lawyer- Will County, Illinois

There are many circumstances that require someone to transfer ownership in a property. Whether the transfer is made between family members, former spouses, or into a trust, a Quit Claim Deed is required. In order to ensure the transfer is made properly and no issues arise in the future, it is important to hire an experienced real estate law attorney. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we are experienced in drafting Quit Claim Deeds for various situations. We counsel our clients to ensure they have a clear understanding of the consequences of the transfer, and we make sure all legal documents are properly drafted and filed.

When a Quit Claim Deed is Necessary

Quit Claim Deeds are very common legal documents used in real estate, estate planning and divorce law. Here are some common situations that necessitate the use of a Quit Claim Deed:

  • Transferring property ownership to a former spouse in a divorce (or removing one spouse’s name)
  • Adding a spouse’s name to the title upon marriage
  • Changing or clarifying if property is considered a marital asset
  • Changing how property is owned when there are multiple owners (i.e. tenants in common or joint tenants)
  • Giving property to another person such as a family member (parents giving property to children, or siblings giving property to each other)
  • Transferring ownership of a property to a trust for estate planning
  • Resolving current and possible title issues

It is important to understand that quit claim deeds are used only when there is no money involved in the property transfer. They are not used for traditional real estate sales.

Legal Counsel in the Use of Quit Claim Deeds

Because Quit Claim Deeds are commonly used, people often feel like they can handle drafting and filing these documents without the assistance of an attorney. Unfortunately, there can be costly consequences if these matters are not handled properly. Quit Claim Deeds cannot be reversed without litigation once they have been signed and delivered unless the grantee, the recipient of the property, files another Quit Claim Deed returning the property. We counsel our clients in these matters and ensure the desired outcome is achieved as efficiently as possible.

For more information on the use of Quit Claim Deeds and how our firm can assist you, contact us at 630-780-1034 for a consultation. We will discuss your specific circumstances and provide our experienced advice on how to proceed with your matter. Our firm has over 12 years of experience serving clients in Northern Illinois including Will, DuPage, Kane, and Kendall Counties.

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