Yorkville Divorce Attorneys

Yorkville Divorce Attorneys

This page discusses Yorkville Divorce considerations in Kendall County, Illinois.  Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a Yorkville Divorce Attorney.

Decision to Divorce in Yorkville, Illinois

Deciding to get a divorce is one of the most complicated decisions a couple can make. The longer the couple has been together, the more strenuous the divorce can be. A divorce is far from a simple process. There are so many different factors to take into consideration. The lawyers at Robertson Legal Group, LLC, are ready to help make the process of your divorce a little easier. Robertson Legal Group, LLC, has the capability to negotiate a settlement or, if necessary, go to trial.

Considerations for Divorce

Obtaining a divorce can intensely affect a person’s life. It can change a person’s life completely. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we understand that divorce is a very tough but simultaneously, a delicate process. The two most contentious areas are money and custody. When a couple has property, they have a hard time determining how to divide it. Furthermore, child custody and child support become huge areas of contention. The divorce can get very tense when these two topics are involved. Lastly, a spouse may not be able to afford their lifestyle after a divorce. This is where spousal support comes in. It may be complex to determine how much support they should be awarded, for how long, or if they are entitled to support at all. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we have over 30 years of experience to help throughout all of the areas mentioned above and more.

Spousal Maintenance Lawyers in Yorkville

It is not uncommon for the salary between two partners to differ substantially. This has huge consequences for the spouse who earns less. This is especially true for the person who decided to be a stay at home parent. This is where spousal support comes in. Taking care of a child is very much so considered as a contribution to the marriage. One parent was able to go to work and not worry about the child. Although spousal support is a great benefit, the attorneys at Robertson Legal Group, LLC are aware that it is not certain and not easily obtainable. There are numerous factors that the court takes into consideration before granting spousal support. Some of these factors include: 1) Each spouse’s salary; 2) The duration of the marriage; 3) If one of the spouses was a stay at home parent; 4) If the stay at home parent has a chance to earn a salary again; 5) The lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage; 6) The division of property. These are only a few of many factors that the court considers. Robertson Legal Group, LLC has great experience with this area and will give you the advice and counsel you need in order to get a fair resolution.

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