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After a divorce is finalized, there are times where the final divorce final decree must be modified.  These circumstances include situations such as the following:

  • One spouse makes a significant amount more income or a decrease in revenue;
  • A job loss;
  • Remarriage of a spouse that is receiving spousal maintenance;
  • A spouse that is receiving spousal support or alimony co-habitats with another person who will threaten the continuation of spousal maintenance payments;
  • One parent moves significantly farther away, which is causing significant child-related problems;
  • Death of one spouse;
  • One spouse’s lifestyle choice is endangering a child or children such as alcoholism, drug use, and/or their significant other has problems, which impact the safety and security of the children;

Post-Divorce Child Custody and Parenting Plan Modification Lawyers

A modification of child custody or parenting plan must be revisited.  One parent wants significant more visitation or parenting time.  On the contrary, a father or mother negotiated child custody or parenting plan greater than two (2) years ago and did so without an attorney.  Thus, this parent does not have a reasonable visitation and holiday or visitation schedule as a result of their initial lousy deal.  In the alternative, one parent is violating the terms of the parenting agreement by not allowing a parent to have visitation as agreed in the parenting plan or custody agreement.  There are several reasons why a parenting plan or custody judgment must be re-visited.

Contempt of Court Attorneys

 Contempt of Court violations require wise counsel.  A Petition for Indirect Civil Contempt is a legal action brought for violation of the terms of a court order.  A parenting agreement or custody agreement is a court order, which must be followed.  A Petition for Indirect Civil Contempt (“Petition for Indirect”) is an allegation of a willful violation of a court order.  A Petition for Indirect is usually due to non-payment of child support or related expenses.  Often, one party gets laid off and fails to pay child support and/or daycare, extracurricular, and educational expenses as outlined in the marital settlement agreement and/or parenting plan.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC will work with you to devise a strategy to address the contempt of court (or file an enforceable) action to enforce the parenting plan or marital settlement agreement.

Experienced Divorce and Matrimonial Attorney for Post-Modification Divorce Matters

Hire a qualified law firm to assist you with a post-divorce modification issue.  A material change in circumstances is required before a modification petition is advanced.  Sean Robertson is well credentialed and is a trained DePaul University College of Law graduate.  Sean Robertson is a trial and divorce attorney that advocates for his clients.  Post-modification divorce matters require a compassionate and effective legal advocate.  Sean Robertson is your effective advocate to solve your post-divorce problems. 

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