Father’s Rights

Lawyer for Protecting Father’s Rights in Naperville and Bolingbrook

Fathers are as essential to the growth, support, and well-being of their children as mothers are, but often the court system does not treat them that way. Historically, mothers have been favored by the courts when it comes to child custody matters. That, however, is starting to change as fathers are becoming more recognized in and out of the court system for their important role in parenting. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, our firm represents both fathers and mothers in child-related family law matters. We appreciate the importance of both parents, and we aggressively fight for the rights of our clients in these matters.

Father’s Rights and Child Custody in Illinois

These days, fathers are far more involved with the raising of their children, and many are even stay-at-home dads. But even as modern fathers are challenging traditional gender roles in parenting, society as a whole and the family court system in particular often have a bias towards mothers when making determinations about child custody.

At our firm, we make sure the rights of our clients are strongly represented in negotiations and in court. Whether you are going through a divorce or are involved in a paternity case, establishing your rights as a father is important. Attorney Sean Robertson has over 12 years of experience effectively and compassionately advocating for fathers in child-related legal matters.

Changes to Child Custody and Visitation Laws in Illinois

In Illinois, the law that applies to child custody has recently changed (as of January 1, 2016). Child custody language has been replaced with allocation of parental responsibilities. The term “visitation” has also changed to “parenting time” in order to recognize that parents are not visiting their children when they are spending time with them. Rather they are fulfilling an important responsibility to parent that child. Our attorney will explain the changes in the law and how those changes can impact your case.

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