Complex Divorce and Custody

Asset Protection Attorneys in Complex Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage Cases

Asset protection is critical for spouses involved in divorce cases because the greatest threat to one’s wealth is a divorce proceeding.  Robertson Legal Group, LLC has significant expertise in business, financial matters, and complex trust matters.  Our law firm’s acumen in complex divorce and financial matters make us valuable.  Our law firm understands business matters and complex financial arrangements.  Our divorce lawyers protect our client’s hard-earned efforts and family wealth.  Divorce is a significant threat to one’s lifestyle and well-being. 

Whether you are pre-decree or post-decree in the divorce process, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC is qualified to assist you.  High net worth marriages involve complex business and illiquid assets such as real estate and business holdings.  Our law firm has significant real estate, business, and financial experience unlike most divorce lawyers.  Understanding complex business and real estate arrangements require a different skill set other than divorce lawyering skills.  Business valuations in a closely-held business requires business legal acumen along with divorce law ability. 

Chicagoland Suburbs High Net Worth Dissolution of Marriage Lawyers

High net worth divorces require a good understanding of trusts, real estate, and business law.  These are the types of decisions that get discussed during complex divorce issues:

  • Valuation of Real Estate and Investment Assets;
  • Whether a prenuptial agreement is enforceable;
  • Whether a parent of a disabled adult should receive adult child support or financial assistance;
  • Dissipation of marital assets;
  • Valuation of business interests such as a professional practice or closely-held business;
  • Determination of Spousal Alimony or otherwise known as “Spousal Maintenance”;
  • Evaluation of estate planning documents such as trust and irrevocable trust,
  • Stock Options;
  • Child support calculations involving small business and real estate properties.
  • Division of liabilities such as liabilities including tax debts, credit card debts, business loans, commercial and residential mortgages, and division of real estate.

Experienced Divorce, Child Custody, and Division of Marital Property Attorneys

Our marital property and business lawyers better understand complex divorce cases because of our business and financial acumen.  Hire an experienced business and financial law firm to help you with your divorce case.  Robertson Legal Group, LLC empowers high net worth families.  Our law firm has offices in Naperville, Yorkville, and Shorewood Illinois.  When you need a responsive law firm that will aggressively litigate your divorce or post-divorce case, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC is your experienced divorce partner.  We may be reached at 630-882-9117 or 815-582-4990.  Our website is

We handle cases in the following counties:

  • DuPage County;
  • Will County;
  • Kane County;
  • Kendall County; and
  • Grundy County.

Sean Robertson is an experienced divorce and custody lawyer with over fourteen (14) years of experience in the areas of advocating for families and divorcing spouses.  Sean Roberson is a graduate of DePaul University College of Law and concentrates his divorce practice in the following areas of law:

  • Small business divorce law;
  • Child Custody law;
  • Special Needs Divorce and Estate Planning law;
  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection Divorce law;
  • Complicated divorce and high net worth divorce and financial division law.