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Co-parenting is the process of two parents working together to parent children after or during a divorce. The parents commit to raise the children while living in separate places and even have separate blended families. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC concentrate in divorce, child custody, and co-parenting law where they assist couples to achieve effective co-parenting relationships.

1. Effective Communication Between the Parents

There are four (4) tips to co-parenting children. The first tip to co-parent a child is effective communication between the parents. Communication is critical and often divorced couples do not communicate in the best interests of the children. Often, the previous relationship of the two parents make the parents unable to effectively communicate with one another. Listening to the other parent without pre-judgment is critical. The parents typically use their past experience with the other parent to alter what is truly said. Listening to the other parent without pre-judgment is significant to foster a positive co-parenting relationship.

2. Have a Well-Written and Clear Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a written custody agreement which outlines how the parents will co-parent. A Parenting Plan is also called an “Allocation Judgment” or a “Custody Agreement”. A parenting plan outlines the following things:

  • Highlights the parenting and child visitation schedule during the week; holidays; special occasions; birthdays; during the summer; and spring bring among other things
  • Describes how the parents will co-parent and make significant decisions involving the healthcare needs of the children; extracurricular activities; educational needs of the children; and religious decisions
  • Mediation is typically required to resolve any co-parenting disputes prior to court involvement

3. The Divorce Should Remain Between The Adults

The Courts forbid parents from talking bad about the other parent in front of the children. Furthermore, the Courts prohibit parents from talking about child support in front of the other parent. Parenting rules are general rules prepared by the family and divorce judges in a particular court house. These parenting rules are designed to foster effective co-parenting. Often, one parents alienates the children by talking bad and manipulating the children against the other parent. Parental alienation results in ineffective co-parenting relationships and tensions result between the parents and the children and one parent’s relationship.

4. Picking The Right Attorneys During The Initial Divorce Case

Attorneys have a significant role in effective co-parenting. Often, one or both attorneys to create tension and hostility towards the other spouse. These attorneys pride themselves in fighting when it is not in the best interests of the children. Effective co-parenting requires an in-tact relationship with your former spouse or ex. The initial divorce process can further damage two divorcing spouse’s relationship with one another. Unfortunately, the two former spouses must co-parent and co-exist after the divorce process is completed. An experienced and effective divorce attorney should understand that advocacy does not include manipulating their client to create unneeded and unwarranted fights.


At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we serve our client’s best interest by listening to our client’s needs and concerns. We also assist parents to prepare well-written and clear parenting plans. These well-written and clear parenting plans are used to establish effective co-parenting relationships. We are seasoned divorce and child custody attorneys. Reach us by calling Sean Robertson at 630-882-9117. In the alternative, you can email Sean Robertson at