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Calculating child support is a difficult task, but a vital task for parents going through a divorce or family law matter in the Illinois courts.  A divorce or legal separation is a robust experience in a person’s life.  The calculation of child support requires an experienced attorney.  Child support and related expenses have a substantial impact on parents. 

New 2017 Child Support Laws

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act significantly impacted the calculation of child support.  The new Illinois Child Support law factors both parents’ income.  The new income-shares model considers both parent’s net income.  The Court may impute income of one parent when they are working part-time or unemployed.  Impute income means assume that a parent should make a certain amount of net income.  Child support is calculated now by both parents’ income. 

Additionally, both parents will have their net incomes added together, and one parent will have a greater share of the net income than the other parent.  For example, the income child support model calculates child support based upon two net incomes.   Generally, the more money a parent makes in relation to the other parent, the higher their share of child support obligation will be.

Calculating Child Support Orders Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

There are five (5) factors to consider in child support matters in Illinois.  The five (5) factors to consider are the following:

  • The children’s financial needs and resources;
  • Both parents’ financial needs and resources;
  • The standard of living the children would have had if the parents had not ended their marriage;
  • The children’s educational needs
  • The children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Previously, the old child support law was calculated based upon a percentage of the non-residential parent’s net income.  The new law has modified this child support approach.  The new law assumes that both parents should sacrifice and provide for the child or children.

Notice to Withhold Income

In Illinois, a Notice to Withhold Income informs an employer that it is responsible for deducting child support or spousal maintenance from an employee’s paycheck.  A Notice to Withhold Income is filled out in the Illinois court, and the Illinois Court authorizes the payment of child support or related expenses to be automatically deducted from an employee’s paycheck.  Our law firm can calculate child support and enter a Notice to Withhold Income.  The Notice to Withhold Income will automatically withdraw child support or related expenses from an employee’s paycheck.

Calculation of Child Support is Difficult

Child support calculation is complicated to calculate depending on a person’s circumstances.  Self-employment and business income are difficult to estimate child support.    Truck driver’s salary is also tough to compute child support because of the 1099 nature of truck driver’s income.   Our law firm is experienced in family and child support matters.  

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