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The Robertson Legal Group, LLC helps clients in the Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Newark, Bristol, Plattville, Minooka, Aurora, Montgomery, and Boulder Hill areas of Kendall County with their adoption and family law needs. Our family and adoption attorneys provide experienced and timely adoption services for parents seeking to utilize the adoption process.

Adoption is an exciting time and a complex area of law. We provide adoption services throughout Kendall County and nearby Counties. We handle family, parentage, divorce, and adoption cases in Yorkville and surrounding areas. Our attorneys will guide you through the adoption process and educate you on the adoption process. Our attorneys will guide you through the process and give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.

The Illinois Adoption Act

The Illinois Adoption Act governs the adoption process in Yorkville and the State of Illinois. We will guide you on the law and provide you quality legal services related to the Illinois adoption process and requirements.

Petition for Adoption

A Petition for Adoption is the first step in the adoption process. Furthermore, the Certificate of Adoption gives critical information such as the proposed last name of the adopted child. The New Case Information Sheet is also required to be filled out in Kendall County. The New Case Information Sheet provides essential information about the proposed parents, their information and the adopted child or children.


An adoption terminates valuable parental rights. There are certain notice requirements required to be given to parents before the adoption process may move forward. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC provide invaluable adoption and family law legal advice related to the adoption process. Sean Robertson is an adopted child and he understands how adoption works and the critical rights involved in the adoption process. The adoption process is complex, and we represent parents on all sides of the adoption process.


There are several different types of adoptions in Illinois. There are five major types of adoptions in Illinois.
Adult Adoption. An adult adoption generally applies to adults over the age of 18 years of age.

Private Adoption. In a private adoption, the pregnant mother has an agreement with the adoptive parents to place the child or children up for adoption. Generally, the pregnant or new mother has a period of 72 hours after birth to change her mind and revoke the adoption.

Related Adoption or Step Parent Adoption.  A related adoption applies to when one parents such as a natural born parent is related to the child. An example of a related adoption would be a step parent adopting the child.

Standby Adoption. A standby adoption is when a parent is terminally ill with cancer or some other terminal illness where they decide to place their child up for adoption to a specific person or persons.  Generally, the standby adopted parents will become the parents while the parent is terminally ill or when the parent passes away.

Agency Adoption. An agency adoption occurs when an Illinois licensed adoption agency has an agreement with proposed adoptive parents to place a child or children up for adoption. An agency adoption is one where the parent’s rights have been terminated or a person grants the adoption agency the right to place the child or children up for adoption.


Sean Robertson is passionate about adoption law as an adopted person. Adoption is a happy period and one that requires an experienced adoption attorney. Sean Robertson has over 15 years of experience as an attorney and a family law attorney. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC provide high quality adoption legal services. We can be reached at 630-882-9117.