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Wills are essential pieces of most comprehensive estate plans. A will, or last will and testament, expresses your wishes for how your assets will be distributed and who will care for your dependents after your death. Anyone who owns any property and/or has any dependents should have a will. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, our attorneys are highly experienced in all aspects of the estate planning process including drafting and revising wills. We ensure that our clients’ wishes are carefully and accurately detailed in legally enforceable wills.

Elements of an Illinois Will

A will is a legal document that specifically addresses how a decedents’ assets will be distributed to beneficiaries. It also provides guidance for how children and adult dependents should be cared for and by whom. Because each person’s personal and financial circumstances are unique to them, it is important to create a will that is customized to the specific wishes of the decedent. We work closely with our clients to guide you through the process of making or revising a will. Attorney Sean will help you answer the often difficult questions that arise when contemplating these matters.

Simple and Complex Wills and Estate Planning in Yorkville and Oswego

Depending on your personal and financial circumstances, your will may be simple or complex. If you have high value and/or complex assets, it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to assist you with wealth preservation strategies in estate planning. Our attorneys will counsel you in ways to minimize tax liability when handing your estate down to your beneficiaries. We can also help you plan for philanthropic giving wisely and efficiently.

It is important to note, however, that wills are only one piece of a comprehensive estate plan. Our attorneys work with you to ensure your financial estate and your personal interests are protected at all levels. We will help you protect your finances and your dependents both during your life and after your death. Our estate planning services include:

If you are considering making or updating a will or are in need of any type of estate planning service, contact our firm at 630-780-1034 to schedule a consultation. We tailor our advice to the specific needs of our clients. We will closely examine your circumstances and discuss your estate planning preferences. Our firm serve clients throughout Kendall County in areas such as Minooka, Shorewood, Aurora, Montgomery, Plano, Yorkville, Oswego, Newark, Plattville, Bristol, Plainfield, and Joliet.

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