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What is Probate?

Probate is a court supervised process where the court determines who should be appointed as the executor and manages the distribution of assets and payment of creditors.

In probate court, there is essential four major responsibilities of a Kendall County Probate Court:

  • Determine whether a decedent’s will is admitted to probate court
  • Ratify the selection of an executor or determine who is the best executor to be appointed as an executor of a person’s estate
  • Supervise the payment of debts, taxes, and creditor’s claims
  • Distribute the assets as outlined in a will or if there is no will, according to Illinois intestate law.


Sean Robertson is the Senior Partner of Robertson Legal Group, LLC, which is an estate planning and probate law firm.  Sean Robertson is an experienced estate planning and probate attorney with over 15 years of experience in the areas of estates and trusts, probate, guardianship, and estate planning law.  Robertson Legal Group, LLC has offices in Yorkville and Kendall County.


Sean Robertson spearheads the appointment of executors to decedent’s probate estates in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Our law firm also assist residents of Kendall County with the following probate concerns:

  • Appoint executors and independent administrators
  • Represent heirs and legatees in protecting their rights in probate court in Kendall County
  • Seek to validate a decedent’s will in Kendall County
  • Invalidate a will
  • Administer Intestate Succession Proceedings in Yorkville and Kendall County

When you are seeking to be appointed as an executor, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC provide quality legal services.  Our attorneys and team of staff support you and your loves ones during this difficult time.  Probate court is confusing and a long process.  Our team of attorneys and support staff educate you on the process and give you peace of mind.


Sean Robertson is eager to assist you with your probate concerns.  Call Sean Robertson at 630-780-1034 or email us at  We help residents in Kendall County including Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Minooka, Shorewood, Sandwich, Aurora, Montgomery, Bristol, Newark, Little Rock, Boulder Hill, Millbrook, and Lisbon.

Robertson Legal Group, LLC

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