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Living Will Attorneys

Living Will Attorneys


A Living Will is a legal document that instructs the doctors how to deal with terminating life sustaining treatment. A Living Will also gives the physicians and doctors boundaries and guidelines to follow regarding your healthcare treatment when you are unable to make your own healthcare decisions. Generally, a Living Will is combined with an Advanced Healthcare Directive.
Anybody over the age of 18 years of age or older can execute a Living Will. A Living Will is informs the physician whether you want life sustaining treatment such as a blood tube or life sustaining treatment (feeding tool). A Living Will is a component of a solid estate plan. On the contrary, a Healthcare Power of Attorney outlines your wishes and an agent (a family member generally) will make healthcare decisions for you when you are incapable of making your own decisions. In most cases, a Healthcare Power of Attorney is more comprehensive than a Living Will and relies upon a loved one to make and interpret your healthcare wishes. The Living Will makes your decisions for you versus your healthcare agent. This can be bad in cases where your wishes are unclear, which is often the case. You can simply inform your healthcare agent your wishes in case of your incapacity and your views towards life sustaining treatment.


Robertson Legal Group, LLC and its’ attorneys and support staff guide you through the estate planning process. We assist you to plan your legacy by outlining your estate planning wishes and executing your estate planning in a manner that avoids taxes, protects your beneficiary’s inheritance from creditors and in-laws, and your loved one’s avoided family conflict. One of the main goals of an estate planning attorney is to assist you to avoid family conflict. Your legacy should be a good legacy not a bad legacy.

At our initial estate planning meeting, your estate planning attorney will explain the different estate planning options and make recommendations. We will consider the following things:
• How to create a smooth process to distribute your assets
• Ask basic questions about your goals and assets including the owners of your assets (whether owned jointly or with a spouse)
• Who you want to be your financial power of attorney and successor financial power of attorneys (in case of a death or inability to act by the other one)?
• Picking your healthcare power of attorney for healthcare. Generally, we ask for up to three (3) names and addresses
• Explain the differences between a Will and Revocable Living Trust
• Talk about nursing home and Medicaid issues if applicable
• Estate and gift tax analysis (if appropriate)
• Answer your basic questions about estate planning


Contact Robertson Legal Group, LLC today at 630-780-1034. We will discuss whether a Living Will, a Power of Attorney for Healthcare, and or a Living Trust is the best arrangement for you. Our experienced estate planning attorneys will make you feel at ease and answer your questions.

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