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Purchase and Sale of a Business

Purchase and Sale of a Business

Lawyer for Buying or Selling a Business in Yorkville, Oswego, Plano and the Surrounding Areas

Buying or selling a business is a complicated legal transaction that must be handled carefully to protect all parties involved. There are numerous laws and regulations that govern business sales, and it is important to work with an experienced business law attorney who can ensure a smooth transaction. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we are experienced in representing buyers and sellers in business sales. We focus on protecting our clients’ interests and achieving a successful transaction.

Experienced Legal Counsel and Representation in Business Sales

Whether you are seeking to acquire a business for the first time, purchase a competitor in order to broaden your market share, or sell your business to move on to the next chapter in your life, it is important to have an experienced business attorney protecting your interests. There are many steps involved in the purchase and sale of a business including:

  • Performing due diligence
  • Researching the business’ financials (assets and debts)
  • Researching contractual obligations of the business
  • Evaluating accounts receivable
  • Negotiating terms of the sale and payment
  • Choosing the proper entity structure
  • Securing financing or drafting loan agreements or financing agreements
  • Drafting the purchase and sale agreement

Even with a sole proprietorship, a business sale is a complex matter, but when the business has partners or shareholders, there can be additional complication. If all parties do not agree on the sale or the terms of the sale, it can lead to litigation. Navigating these tenuous waters can be challenging. Attorney Sean, is both a skilled negotiator and litigator. He is practiced in handling complex business sales and facilitating a successful transaction.

Business Sales and Estate Planning in Yorkville, Oswego, and Plano

Planning what you would like to have happen to your business in the future should be part of any business owner’s estate plan. For many people, selling the business and including the proceeds of the sale as part of their estate to pass on to their beneficiaries is preferred. Our firm is highly experienced in all aspects of estate planning and business law. We work with clients to draft comprehensive estate plans that address their business assets in all eventualities including death and incapacitation. Our extensive experience in both areas of the law allows us to provide high-quality legal counsel in this situation.

If you are considering buying or selling a business, contact us at 630-780-1034 to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your specific objectives, answer your questions, and provide our experienced recommendations for how to move forward. Our firm works with individual investors and businesses in and around Yorkville and Kendall County such as Oswego, Shorewood, Minooka, Aurora, Montgomery, Sandwich, Plano, Bristol, Plattville, and Morris among other areas.


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