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Entrepreneurial Attorneys


An Entrepreneur is the bedroom of our state and country. Entrepreneurs are pioneers that start new business enterprises and new ventures that transform our world and country. Robertson Legal Group, LLC is Entrepreneurial Attorneys that are passionate about entrepreneurship and small business law. We counsel and advice family-owned businesses, entrepreneurial companies, and high-growth start up companies with sound business advice.
As a serial entrepreneur, Robertson Legal Group, LLC understand how business, tax, and asset protection law couple together. Successful entrepreneurs seek out sound business advice to avoid common business mistakes. As a business owner, Sean has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes. Experienced business owners and entrepreneurs understand that trial and error is critical to success. However, wisdom and experience are equally valuable. A wise business owner and entrepreneur seeks out seasoned business advice and entrepreneurship.
Our state and world is undergoing transformation by innovative products and new technologies. Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a cutting-edge law firm that counsels cutting edge and innovative entrepreneurs and their business enterprises. Unlike most business attorneys, Sean has a strong tax planning and asset protection background.


Sean has the following tax background, which he received while focusing on business and tax law at DePaul University College of Law:
• Individual and Federal Taxation
• LLC Taxation
• Partnership Taxation and Corporate Taxation
• Estate and Gift Taxation
• S corporation and business taxation
• Business transactions and organizations
• Asset Protection Planning and Business Structure Planning
• Business Succession Planning and Estate Planning

We also counsel family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs with their dreams. Seeking experienced entrepreneurial attorneys are extremely important. Business incorporation and advice saves thousands to millions of dollars. Set backs are inevitable as entrepreneurs and surrounding yourself with business owners and advisors with an entrepreneurial mindset are critical. Beginning entrepreneurs will have significant set backs and losses. Trial and error is paramount for entrepreneurs and often, entrepreneurs identify new emerging markets by their set backs.  Moreover, Sean understands business partnerships and how to set the up.  


Most lawyers at law firms are not entrepreneurial. Sean has hired and fired employees and contractors. We are the Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC and understands how it feels to meet payroll on tight deadlines and budgets. Entrepreneurs find a way when no way seems plausible. Sean may be reached at 630-780-1034. We serve Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Aurora, Montgomery, Minooka, and Shorewood Entrepreneurs and business owners.

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