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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Business Real Estate Sale, Buy and Lease Lawyer Serving South Naperville and Aurora Areas

Commercial real estate transactions are typically more complex than residential real estate transactions. Depending on the type of property involved, they may also involve a significant financial investment. Whether you are a small-business owner interested in purchasing a commercial space for your own use, or a commercial real estate developer seeking to invest in a multi-tenant commercial property, having experienced legal counsel on your team is essential. At the Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we are experienced in handling a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions. Our top priority is vigorously protecting our clients’ interests throughout each transaction.

Experienced Counsel for Buyer and Sellers of Commercial Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a commercial real estate property can be a complicated process. Buyers and sellers may have to deal with numerous issues that require legal guidance and services. At our firm, we are highly experienced in handling all kinds of commercial real estate deals. From small-businesses looking to expand to investors seeking to add or subtract from their commercial real estate portfolios, we consistently provide high-quality legal counsel. Our services include:

  • Negotiations of purchase agreements;
  • Drafting and reviewing purchase agreements;
  • Due diligence matters;
  • Commercial closings;
  • Review of financing agreements;
  • Sale/lease-back agreements;
  • Commercial real estate contract disputes;
  • Commercial real estate leases;
  • Construction financing and mechanics’ liens;
  • Matters involving land use and zoning;
  • Liquor Licenses and;
  • Use of holding companies and subsidiaries for commercial real estate.

Minimizing Risk in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

As with all of our business law representation, our firm strives to manage the risk exposure our clients face in the commercial real estate process. These transactions often involve substantial sums of money and a commercial property is often the largest asset a business owns. Proper business structure and business asset protection are critical. Proper drafting of purchase agreements is a major part of protecting your commercial real estate assets. We are skilled in limiting our clients’ risk exposure and carefully crafting agreements that address all possible liabilities.

While a properly drafted contract offers protection against liability, some contract disputes are unavoidable. When contract disputes require litigation, Attorney Sean is a skilled litigator who is always willing to rigorously advocate for his clients in court. More importantly, Attorney We are experienced and skilled at protecting commercial real estate assets.

For experienced assistance with your commercial real estate needs, contact us at 630-780-1034 to schedule a consultation. We will review your situation and discuss your legal options. We have over 12 years of experienced working with individual investors and businesses throughout Will, DuPage, Kane, and Kendall Counties.

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