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Plano Purchase Attorney

Plano Purchase Attorney

Plano Purchase Attorney provides customized and high-quality residential real estate closings in the Plano, Newark, Bristol, Plattville, Sandwich, and Kendall County area.  Our home purchase attorney in Plano understands how important the real estate transaction process is for home buyers and home sellers.  


Our law firm is detailed and systematic in our approach because our goal is to provide a great customer experience for our home buyers and sellers.  Attorney Sean Robertson is a resident of Yorkville, which is near Plano.  Our staff is diverse and we have a couple of staff members that are bi-lingual in English and Spanish.  We have a diverse staff, which services our diverse client base.  We appreciate diversity and serving different community and backgrounds.


Sellers can expect that they will have a smooth real estate process and transaction because we are organized and systematic.  We cannot control the whole process, but our follow through and systems can increase the liklihood of a smooth closing process.  Our law firm will handle the small to big details involved in your closing such as the following:

  • We will review your real estate purchase agreement and sale agreement
  • We will respond to the attorney-review and home inspection and meet important deadlines
  • We will timely order your survey and have it available at closing
  • We will promptly order your mortgage payoff statement and update it as necessary
  • We will calculate real estate taxes and the appropriate real estate pro-rations
  • We will timely order and prepare your house closing and sale documents for a smooth closing process
  • Order and examine title and resolve any clearance or other issues with title
  • We will coordinate and keep the buyers, sellers, the attorneys, real estate brokers and agents, and mortgage professionals involved in the house closing process
  • We will attend closing and have the seller documents pre-signed and the sellers will not have to attend the home purchase or sale closing


Our Plano House Purchase Attorney provides reliable and responsive real estate closing legal representation.  We enable the real estate process and keep the sellers and or our clients in the loop about the closing process.  We can be reached at 630-780-1034.

Robertson Legal Group, LLC

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