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Plano Home Sale Attorney

Plano Home Sale Attorney

Plano Home Sale Attorney

Our Plano Home Sale Attorney provides high-quality and customized real estate closing legal expertise for sellers of residential real estate in Plano, Yorkville, Sandwich,  Joliet, Plainfield, Oswego, and Kendall County.  Our Home Sale Attorneys are experienced in the real estate closing process and our real estate staff is high quality.  


Robertson Legal Group, LLC now known as “Gateville Real Estate, LLC, a Residential Real Estate Law Firm” is your Plano House Closing Attorneys for Sellers in Kendall County.  Our law firm services a diverse group of clients and we have bi-lingual staff in English and Spanish.  Unfortunately, many real estate closing attorneys in the local area do not cater to a diverse group of clients.  Attorney Robertson prides itself on having a diverse staff representing our client base.  Our Plano House Closing Attorneys will work with you, your realtor and other local professionals to facilitate the home buying and selling process.


When selling your home, condo or investment property, your real estate attorney is responsible for coordinating the house closing process for buyers and sellers.  Our house closing lawyers and staff will review the initial purchase and sale documents including the key terms and determine how to appropriately respond.  Our seller’s attorneys will do the following for you and your family:

  • Reviewing the Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0
  • Write any relevant amendments to the real estate purchase or sale contract
  • Negotiate the attorney-review and home inspection periods with the buyer’s attorneys
  • Order the survey for the property
  • Figure out the mortgage payoff figures after cooperating with the sellers and mortgage company
  • Fill out the appropriate real estate transfer tax paperwork and secure real estate stamps for the sale of the home
  • Order and examine the property for liens, foreclosures, judgments, and any other matters
  • Clear up the title issues (if any)
  • Manage the buyer’s loan application, appraisal, and financing deadlines
  • Prepare the warranty deed, affidavit of title, bill of sale, and other real estate closing documents
  • Meet with the attorneys and sign the seller’s documents and get the financial powers of attorneys (sellers generally do not attend the closing)
  • Finalize the sale process by having a closing

Attorney Sean has over 15 years of experience ranging from divorce, business law, estate planning, litigation, and real estate law among others.  Now, Attorney Robertson has a niche practice in residential real estate closings in the Plano, Yorkville, Oswego, Sandwich, Bristol, Newark, and Kendall County area.  The real estate closing process involves multiple issues and having a quality real estate closing attorney with significant house closing and other legal experience is a valuable asset.  Often, house sales involve divorcing couples, post-divorce issues, foreclosure issues, estate and probate issues, and many other issues.  


Plano is a small city with a diverse group of residents ranging from Hispanics, African-American, Caucasians, and may other diverse groups of people.  Robertson Legal Group, LLC is also a diverse law firm catering to a diverse group of clients.  Plano also has a significant amount of newer housing growth and home construction is a major part of the home buying or selling process in Plano and surrounding regions.  Attorney Robertson has the experience required to provide you and your family the experienced and smooth house closing process required in your real estate transaction.  Robertson Legal Grou, LLC or now known as “Gateville Real Estate, LLC” is focused on residential property matters in Plano, Newark, Joliet, Plainfield, Shorewood, Aurora, Plainfied, and Minooka.  Call our staff and attorney today at 630-780-1034




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