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Joliet-Will County Landlord Evictions

Joliet and Will County Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions

Today’s tip is a tip for landlords going through landlord evictions in Joliet, Will County.  A Landlord must properly serve the eviction notice to the tenants.  Often, Landlords email, text, and/or orally communicate the eviction notice to tenants.  This is improper service of process.

Three Types of Eviction Notices

1.  5 day notice:  Non-Payment Notice

There are three (3) common types of eviction notices.  The 5 day notice is the most common eviction notice.   The 5 day notice is a notice requiring full payment of the rent within 5 days.  The 5 day notice is a non-payment of rent notice.  The tenant must pay the full amount of rent in 5 days.  After the 5 day notice is delivered to the tenant, the tenant has five days to pay the entire rent.  The Landlord may terminate the lease if they do not receive the full payment of rent within 5 days.

2.  10 day notice:  Violation of the Lease

A 10-day notice is a non-compliance of the lease notice.  This type of notice is for violations of the terms of the lease.  Examples of violations of terms of the lease include damage to property, pets (pets are outlawed in the lease) and non-payment of rent.   Thus, the tenant has 10 days to vacate the premises after receiving the 10 day notice.  The Landlord may file an eviction complaint after the 10 days has expired.

3.  30 day notice:  Terminate the Month to Month Tenancy

A thirty (30) day notice is a termination of the rental tenancy.  30 day notices apply for oral leases and holdover tenancies.   A Holder Over Tenant is a tenant that fails to move out after their lease has expired.  Generally, a Holder Over Tenant will go to a month to month rental tenancy after expiration of their lease.  Thus, a 30 day notice is required to terminate the month to month rental tenancy.  The landlord can not pursue an eviction complaint until the 30 days has expired.  An eviction attorney is highly recommended for 30 day notices because they are tricky.

Experienced Joliet and Will County Forcible Entry and Detainer Attorneys

In conclusion, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a landlord attorney that serves landlords exclusively with their eviction needs.  We also can assist landlords with preparing the appropriate notice and filing the forcible entry and detainer actions.  Sean Robertson may be reached on his cell phone at 630-780-1034.  Sean Robertson is happy to assist landlords with their real estate needs.  Our website is

Robertson Legal Group, LLC

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