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Most people procrastinate when it comes to update their family trust or their family estate planning. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we specialize in Family Trust Planning in Yorkville and Kendall County. Our family trust attorney provides estate planning services to the surrounding Yorkville and Kendall County areas such as the following:
• Yorkville
• Oswego
• Aurora IL
• Montgomery
• Newark
• Boulder Hill
• Bristol
• Plattville
• Sandwich
• Shorewood
• Minooka
• Plano
• Plainfield
• Joliet
• Little Rock


As an experienced Family Trust Attorney, Sean has concentrated in family estate planning and living trust planning. Sean focus his law school efforts in the areas of taxation, estate planning, and estate and gift taxation law. As a tax attorney, Sean understands simple to complex estate planning and advanced planning.
Whether your family has a small estate or a substantial estate, Robertson Legal Group, LLC is your Family Trust Attorney in Yorkville. Sean has practiced law for 15 years and exclusively practiced estate planning law for the first six years of his legal career. Hiring an estate planning and trust attorney is an investment in your financial security and protecting your family legacy.


As an advanced estate planning and retirement estate planning attorney, Sean has taught fellow estate planning attorneys, accountants, and CPAs in retirement plan trust and IRA Trust. Furthermore, We are well-credentialed because his peers voted him a 2018 Elite Lawyer in Estate Planning. As an Elite Lawyer, We are the only person to be voted in the Yorkville and Kendall County Area as an Elite Estate Planning Attorney. Now, Retirement Estate Planning is critical because retirement assets comprise a substantial portion of one’s family’s assets.


Many seniors and elderly person’s major concern is protecting their assets from their in-laws. Blood line Trust provide strategies to keep the family wealth in the family. Sean understands how to properly transfer one’s assets from one generation to the next generation. As an experienced Family Trust Attorney, Sean the ins and outs of Trust law. A Trust is a great vehicle to transfer one’s assets and avoid probate court.


Call Sean, your Yorkville Family Trust Attorney at 630-780-1034. Our Family Estate Planning Attorney provides customized and affordable legal services in the areas of estates and trusts, probate and trust administration, and all things dealing with estate planning, estate and gift taxation, and family trust planning.

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