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Family Estate Planning Lawyer

Family Estate Planning Lawyer


Family Trust Attorney in Oswego, Illinois

As a family estate planning lawyer, Attorney Robertson provides customized estate planning and trust planning solutions. As a family trust lawyer in Oswego, Illinois, we counsel people and the elderly on their estate planning and living trust options. We assist you to achieve your goals by writing down your wishes. Whether you want a new estate plan or an updated estate plan, the attorneys at Robertson Legal Group, LLC will help you achieve your legacy plan.

Simple to Complicated Estate Planning in Oswego, Illinois

Robertson Legal Group, LLC helps families achieve their simple to complex estate estate planning objectives. Generally, a Trust is an excellent estate planning strategy to avoid probate court. Additionally, a Trust or otherwise known as a “Living Trust”, “Family Trust” or “Declaration of Trust” provides a smooth process upon one’s death or incapacity.

Unlike a Will, a Living Trust avoids probate court. A Will is public information. A Living Trust is a private document. Wills encourage will contests because mailings must be made to heirs and legatees. Often, their heirs or legatees are disgruntled because they did not receive the inheritance they were expecting. With the Living Trust, there is no requirement to mail any notices to heirs or legatees. Only the beneficiaries of the Living Trust have a right to see the terms of the Trust Agreement.


We are the Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC, which concentrates in family estate planning and family trust planning. As a family estate planning lawyer, Attorney Robertson and his attorneys provide comprehensive family estate plans. Sean Robertson has an extensive taxation background in the following areas:

Estate and Gift Taxation Planning
• Federal Income Tax Planning
• LLC and Partnership Taxation Planning
Corporation Tax Planning
• Illinois and Federal Estate Tax Planning

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We are an estate planning lawyer. Our Oswego Family Estate Planning Lawyers focus on estate planning, living trust, special needs estate planning, and powers of attorney for property and healthcare. We also see many elderly and seniors that are concerned about long-term care issues and nursing home care. Nursing home and long-term care threatens family’s financial security. Attorney Robertson can assist your parents and family plan their estates in a manner that maximizes their family’s asset protection goals.
In conclusion, Attorney Robertson can be reached at 630-780-1034 or via email at Sean@GatevilleLawFirm.com.

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