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Black Real Estate Attorney in Naperville, Plainfield, and Shorewood

Black Real Estate Attorney in Naperville, Plainfield, and Shorewood

Attorney We are Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC and a Black Investors Attorney for African-American Real Estate Investors.  As an real estate investor attorney for the African-American or otherwise considered “black community”,  Attorney Robertson understands real estate law and real estate investors financial, practical, and legal considerations.


Attorney We are passionate about black wealth and empowering black families through real estate ownership and real estate investment.  Attorney Robertson is the Principal of LandlordEvictionsLLC.com and Gateville Real Estate, LLC along with Robertson Legal Group, LLC.  Attorney Robertson’s legal practice concentrates on assisting real estate investors with real estate closings, estate planning, and asset protection law.  Attorney Robertson is an experienced real estate and investor attorney with over 15 years of experience.  Attorney Robertson attended DePaul University College of Law where he received his juris doctor.


Whether you are flipping properties or you are holding properties for long-term investments, Attorney Robertson and his team of real estate legal professionals can empower and assist you.  From the beginning of signing a real estate contract to the closing, Attorney Robertson understands the core real estate process. 

Unlike most real estate attorneys, Attorney Robertson has a strong estate planning and asset protection background.  This is critical because black real estate investors must adequately protect their investments and have a smooth estate plan to pass their wealth to their families and children.

Flipping Attorney in Naperville, Plainfield, and Shorewood for African-American Investors

A flipping investor is an investor that purchases and sales real estate and seeks to improve it and sale the property for a profit.  Essentially, flipping investors buy properties for cheap, renovate them, and sell them for a profit.  Flipping investors must understand the FHA 90 day rule.  FHA requires mortgage borrowers to wait at minimum of 90 days before the property can be re-sold for a profit.  In summary, the FHA 90 rule is attempting to reduce the liklihood of fraud with FHA mortgage programs.  Furthermore, FHA mortgage loans require a second appraisal when flippers re-sell the property for greater than a one-hundred percent profit (during the 91st to 180 day period).  Additional documentation such as receipts and examples of the renovations are required.  FHA wants to justify why the increase in value is legitimate.  Again, the goal is to reduce the liklihood of mortgage fraud, which was rampant years ago.

Long-term Real Estate Investment for Black Real Estate Investors in Plainfield, Joliet, and Naperville

Attorney Robertson also works with African-American Real Estate Investors that purchase and sale real estate with the goal of renting the property out for over a year.  Long-term investors generally should consider an LLC versus an S corporation unlike flippers.  Unlike most real estate attorneys, Attorney Robertson has a strong tax, real estate, and business entity background.  This is important because investing in your personal name is a major liability concern.  Attorney Robertson has offices in Naperville, Shorewood, and Yorkville, Illinois.  Our real estate law practice is a virtual law practice utilizing virtual staff specializing in real estate law and real estate investment law.

Experienced African-American Real Estate Law Firm and Attorney for Real Estate Investors

Robertson Legal Group, LLC and We are a Black Investors Attorney concentrating in real estate closings, real estate asset protection, and estate planning for African-American real estate investors.  As a black real estate law firm, our law firm regularly works in the following areas of law:

  • Landlord Evictions for Landlords
  • Seller and Purchaser Real Estate Closings
  • Flips and Long-Term Investor Representation
  • Setting up and implementation of holding and subsidiary companies
  • LLCs and Limited Partnership Set Ups
  • Private Land Trust
  • Quit Claim Deed Preparation
  • Estate Planning and Living Trust
  • FSBO Representation

Attorney Robertson may be reached at 630-780-1034.


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