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Probate Attorneys

Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are Shorewood Probate Attorneys focused on Will County Probate matters in Joliet.  Our experienced probate attorneys can assist you and your loved ones with Will County Probate cases.


As seasoned probate attorneys, we can assist people whose loved one’s have deceased without wills and we can help executors probate wills.  Sean Robertson has offices in Shorewood, Naperville, and Yorkville.  Our Shorewood Probate Attorneys can efficiently and cost-effectively assist you with the probate process at River Valley Justice Center in Joliet.  


There are a couple of alternative to probate court, which must be explored prior to probate court.  A Small Estate Affidavit, is a legal document, which is for personal property estates with less than $100,000 in personal property.  The Small Estate Affidavit is an alternative to the probate court process for simple estates.  One of the requirements for a Small Estate Affidavit is that no Petitions to Probate A Will or Open an Decedent’s Estate have not occurred.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC have a qualified estate planning and probate law team to assist you and your family.  

Furthermore, real estate is a major reason why people probate a Will.  If the heirs do not have a will and they all agree, an affidavit of heirship and an heirship real estate deed may be appropriate.  An heirship deed is appropriate when there are more than two (2) heirs and they are in agreement.  Moreover, the heirs likely want to sell the real estate.  This is an alternative to probate court, but there are critical pieces of evidence to evaluate.  Call Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC at 630-882-9117 talk with a qualified probate attorney in Shorewood and Will County.


Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are top-quality real estate, estate planning, and probate attorneys in Shorewood and Will County.  Our lawyers and probate team are qualified to assist you with your uncontested probate matters.  We may be reached at 630-882-9117.


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