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Robertson Legal Group, LLC are Bolingbrook Probate Attorneys.  We have offices in Shorewood and Naperville.  We work with a diverse array of people from African-American, Latino, Caucasian, and many other groups of people.  We are a diverse law group that represents diverse people.

Experienced Bolingbrook Probate Attorneys

Our attorneys work hard to provide effective and cost-effective legal representation for residents of Bolingbrook and surrounding areas.  Sean Robertson is Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC, which focuses its’ practice in the areas of estate administration, estate planning, and probate law.  Often, people have lost a loved one and we bring calm to their life.  We provide detailed oriented and timely services to our clients.  Whether you must probate a Last Will and Testament or your loved one died without a Will, we can assist you.

Petition to Probate a Will and Letters Testamentary

A Petition to Probate a Will and Letters Testamentary is a legal document, which is sworn under oath by the proposed executor when somebody has a Will that must be probated in Will County.  Generally, there is a duty to provide the Will County Clerk of the Circuit Court with a copy of the original Will within 30 days of a decedent’s death.  A decedent is the person that deceased without a will or with a will.  Thus, the decedent is the person whose estate will be opened.  At the opening of an estate, the Petition to Probate a Will and Letters Testamentary is necessary to file.  Letters of Office are the official court paperwork that heirs and legatees must received prior to opening up an estate bank account and the decedent’s creditors (such as a mortgage company) will speak with you.  Letters of Office means that a person has been appointed as the executor or independent administrator of a probate estate.

There are alternatives to probate in Will County.  A Small Estate Affidavit is the legal process where one swears under oath that there personal property value of a decedent’s estate is less than $100,000.  A Small Estate Affidavit is appropriate when one has personal property and no real estate assets.  There is an alternative to probate court as well to sale real estate when the heirs are in agreement.  Call Sean Robertson and he will discuss your alternatives to probate court if possible.

Experienced Bolingbrook Probate Attorneys

As top-notched probate attorneys, Sean Robertson and his team of attorneys and support staff will provide cost-effective and high-quality legal representation for you in the Bolingbrook and surrounding areas.  Sean Robertson is a highly qualified probate and estate planning attorney.  In 2018, Sean Robertson was voted by his peers to receive 2018 Elite Estate Planning Award recognizing him as an elite estate planning attorney.  Sean Robertson provides FREE initial consultations at 630-780-1034.


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