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Aurora IL Probate Attorneys

Aurora IL Probate Attorneys for Will County

 Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC concentrate in Will County Probate Matters in Joliet, Illinois.  Our attorneys and law firm provide comprehensive and effective estate planning and probate matters in Aurora Il. 

Small Estate Affidavit Attorney in Aurora IL

Whether you need a small estate affidavit attorney in Aurora Illinois for small estates or you need a probate attorney, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC can help you. Small estates apply to estates with less than $100,000 in personal property assets in Illinois.

Quick and Effective Probate Attorneys in Aurora IL

At the Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we help proposed executors with the probate process in Will County.  We help executors get appointed and we advise clients on the Will County Probate Process.  Whether you have a Last Will and Testament that must be admitted to probate or your loved one deceased without a Last Will, Sean Robertson can help you.

Will County Probate Process in Aurora IL

The Will County Probate Process can be a confusing process for people.  Couple the complexity of the probate court process and losing a loved one, can be a difficult time for you.  The first step in the probate process is calling Sean Robertson at 630-882-9117 and setting up your FREE initial consultation.  The second part of the probate process is filing the appropriate Petitions with the Will County Court System.  We will then get a court date and we will have all the paperwork filled out and ready to get you appointed as the executor or independent administrator of the deceased person’s estate.

 Call Your Experienced Aurora Il Probate Attorneys at 630-882-9117

Sean Robertson is eager to assist you and your loved one with the Probate Process in Aurora IL and Will County Probate Process.  Sean Robertson is an experienced Will County Probate Attorney with over 15 years of experience as an estate planning, estate and trust administration, and probate attorney.  Sean Robertson may be called at 630-882-9117 or via email at

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