Yorkville Divorce Spousal Support Attorneys

Dissolution of marriage or otherwise known as the divorce process is a challenging period in most people’s lives. The divorce process is an extremely complex situation, which varies from family to family. Each person’s assets and marital problems are different and require personalized and customized legal representation. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we educate our clients on the divorce process. Education makes the divorce legal proceedings easier to understand.

Yorkville Dissolution of Marriage Attorneys

The initial phase of the divorce process is the filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is a legal document, which summarizes the major issues in a divorce case. Generally, the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage highlights the following information:

  • Court jurisdiction: 90 day residency requirement in Illinois
  • The Petitioner and Respondent’s basic information
  • Basic marriage and children information
  • Division of Marital and Non-Marital Assets and Liabilities
  • Contributions towards daycare expenses, healthcare issues, extracurricular expenses, and educational expenses
  • Child support and Spousal Support Requests
  • Allocation of Attorney’s Fees

At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we use our skill and experience to obtain favorable divorce and child custody results. Experience and passion are important. We also believe the quality legal representation requires responsive communications. We regularly update clients on their family and divorce cases. Advocacy and knowledge of the law assist our clients to finalize the divorce chapter in their life. Dissolution of marriage and child support are essential issues, which require experienced and caring legal representation.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Yorkville Illinois

Marriage is much more complicated than ending a relationship. Marriage involves complex financial, child, and business interests combined together. Solving these complex issues require experience and diligence. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are hard-working and passionate attorneys. Dissolution of marriage cases require division of marital property and assets, calculation of child support and spousal maintenance, and drafting and negotiations of parental responsibilities and parenting plans. Well-written parenting plans are essential to achieve smooth co-parenting. Use our attorneys’ experience to protect your legal rights and interests.

Experienced Yorkville Divorce and Marriage Attorneys

Our lawyers are family advocates, which have sharp negotiation and trial skills. We partner with our clients to maximize our clients’ results and rights. Courts consider a variety of issues including each spouse’s income, needs, and resources. Moreover, courts consider each spouse’s ability to provide for themselves and/or their children. Long-term marriages are challenging because couples become accustom to their lifestyle and have significant assets to divide.

Spousal Maintenance Lawyers in Kendall County

In most marriages in Yorkville and Kendall County, one spouse’s income substantially contributes to the household. In dissolution of marriage cases, the Illinois spousal support laws outline whether spousal support is an issue. Spousal support or otherwise known as “alimony” must be analyzed and applied based upon the law. Hiring experienced divorce and dissolution of marriage attorneys assist to calculate spousal support (if any). In a significant amount of marriages, spousal support is awarded to address the challenges of short-term to long-term marriages.

Recently, in 2019, Illinois spousal maintenance laws have been amended. Spousal support is no longer tax deductible and is no longer considered as income. Now, spousal support and child support income are non-taxable. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC provide effective and high-quality legal representation.

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