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We are Yorkville Family Lawyers in Kendall County. Robertson Legal Group, LLC concentrate in family, paternity, child custody, and child support. Our lawyers focus on Yorkville and Kendall County family and child custody matters.

Kendall County Family and Paternity Attorneys

Establishing paternity in a family law case involves non-married couples and former significant others. Our Yorkville and Kendall County Attorneys assist people with the complex family and paternity process in Kendall County. Establishing a paternity case in Yorkville requires filing of an Petition for Parentage. A Petition for Parentage is a legal document, which alleges that a father and child relationship exists. A Father files a Petition to Determine Parentage/Child Custody/Visitation and Set Child Support. Generally, a father wants to establish paternity to establish child visitation and parenting time. Furthermore, a father aims to obtain his parental rights, such as significant decision making involving healthcare decisions, religious choices, education, and extracurricular activities among other things.

Mothers want to establish paternity to establish child support. In exceptional cases, the roles of mothers and fathers may be reversed. In our experience, residential parents are parents who have custody of the minor child or children. Generally, mothers want financial support to provide for the financial well-being of the minor children. On the contrary, fathers want the ability to have significant parenting time and decision making in the child’s life. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC assist mothers and fathers in the establishment of paternity and family law process.

Emotional Process

In our significant experience, mothers and fathers have difficulty representing themselves due to their lack of knowledge with respect to family laws. More importantly, mothers and fathers are emotional about their minor children and present themselves in an unpleasant manner in front of the Judge. Presentation in front of a family law judge must not be underestimated. Often, parents feel that the family law judge is prejudiced against them. In fact, the Judge is typically frustrated because of parents lack of understanding of the court process. The family law judge in Kendall County want both sides to be represented by attorneys because it empowers mothers and fathers to protect their valuable legal rights.

Effective and Understanding Counsel

Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are effective and understanding counsel in Yorkville. We have offices in Yorkville and Kendall County. Our offices are near Shorewood, Plainfield, Joliet, Montgomery, Minooka, Morris, Plano, Aurora, and Oswego. Sean Robertson is a seasoned litigator and family advocate. We represent parents to present their case and advocate for them. We concentrate in family, paternity, and child custody matters in Yorkville and Kendall County.

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