Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce in Yorkville and Kendall County is a divorce where both spouses agree on issues related to the following: 

  • Division of assets, property, and liabilities are agreed upon
  • Children issues such as child custody, parental decision-making, and other child-related issues are in agreement (if applicable)
  •  Waiver or Agreement on Spousal Maintenance and Child Support Calculations
  • Distribution of Personal Property is Agreed Upon
Sean Robertson is an experienced uncontested divorce attorney in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Sean Robertson believes in collaborative divorce attorney that helps spouses reduce money and resolve their divorce cases in minimum time and with no (or little) dispute.  General, we charge a fixed fee for the divorce process as long as it remains an uncontested divorce.  We are happy to assist you and your spouse answer the major questions related to the divorce process.  We have offices in Yorkville and Kendall County.
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
The first part of the uncontested divorce case is filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is the initial paperwork that answers the following key questions:
  •  The Petitioner Spouse must have lived in Illinois for a period of 90 days before filing of the Petition
  • The location and date of the marriage
  • Information about the parties such as their ages and employment status
  • Specific information related to property division and non-marital and marital property
  • Whether the parties are looking for spousal maintenance or looking to waive spousal maintenance
  • Attorney’s Fees (if applicable)
  • Children’s information such as their date of birth and who shall maintain primary custody or parental rights
Drafting of Marital Settlement Agreement
A Marital Settlement Agreement is a written agreement describing the terms of the marital settlement.  The marital settlement agreement shall outline the key financial terms such as division of property and assets, spousal maintenance or support, and other information.  Sean Robertson is an experienced divorce attorney who helps couples with uncontested divorces.  We have offices in Yorkville, which is near Oswego, Aurora, Montgomery, Shorewood, Plano, Sandwich, Bristol, Newark, Plattville, and Minooka.  Our law firm will assist you and your spouse draft and answer critical questions pertaining to the marital settlement agreement.  We also will make sure the terms are fair and in accordance with the State of Illinois law.
Prove Up
A prove up in a divorce case is the final step before conclusion of the divorce process.  A prove up is where the Plaintiff and the Defendant (if they wish) attend court and answer critical questions related to the marital settlement agreement.  The purpose of the prove is to make sure the terms of the marital settlement agreement are fair and equitable.  Generally, a Defendant spouse does not have to appear if they have filed their appearance and the Plaintiff’s attorney has given them sufficient notice about the divorce proceeding.  In conclusion, Sean Robertson may be reached at 630-882-9117.