Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC concentrate in child custody, divorce, and family law in Yorkville, Kendall County.  Our attorneys advocate for children and parents and handle child custody, divorce, and family law cases in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Our attorneys work closely with our clients in developing an aggressive, but realistic plan for their divorce or child custody case.

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Our attorneys are advocates for our clients.  We understand the Kendall County and Yorkville divorce and dissolution of marriage process.  We partner with our clients to assist them with their divorce and custody case.  Sean Robertson is qualified and experienced in the areas of divorce, dissolution of marriage, and family law in Kendall County.  Sean Robertson has over 14 years of experience.  As family advocates, our attorneys and staff understand that well-written parenting plans are essential to smooth parenting relationships.  Whether you have a pre-divorce or post-divorce or family law matter, Robertson Legal Group, LLC can assist you.

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Our attorneys are qualified and top-notched divorce and custody lawyers.  Custody matters are important because children are important to parents.  As quality attorneys, we aim to provide high-quality and responsive legal representation.  We return phone calls and emails promptly.  We believe clear and responsive communication enhances the attorney-client relationship.  We are full-time Kendall County divorce and matrimonial attorneys.  Sean Robertson is a resident of Yorkville and Kendall County and we understand the area.  Furthermore, our reputation is essential to us because we live in the community.  Kendall County is our home.  Most divorce attorneys in Yorkville and Kendall County reside outside of Kendall County and practice in Kendall County on a part-time basis.

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Call us today at 630-882-9117.  We are ready to assist you with your divorce or child custody matter.  Sean Robertson is an experienced child custody and family law attorney concentrating in complex divorce, post-divorce matters, and family law proceedings.  Sean Robertson is a high-quality attorneys and we seek high-quality clients that want personalized and customized legal expertise.