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Our Plano Divorce Attorneys are experienced in divorce and dissolution of marriage cases in Kendall County.  Robertson Legal Group, LLC are Plano Divorce Attorneys that assist people with uncontested and contested divorce matters.


Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a boutique divorce law firm with offices in Yorkville.  Our attorneys work with a diverse group of clients including Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Caucasian, and many other diverse groups of people.  We pride ourselves on being a diverse law firm and relating with a diverse group of people.  Sean Robertson is a 15 year divorce attorney with significant experience working with child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and post-divorce legal issues.


Sean Robertson is an experienced and hard-working divorce attorney.  Sean Robertson works hard for working people and is committed to providing exceptional divorce and family law services to residents of Plano, Illinois.  We help clients with the following cases:

  •  Initiating Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings
  • Drafting Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage Cases & Defenses to Them
  • Spousal Support or otherwise known as “Alimony” or “Spousal Maintenance”
  • Petitions for Temporary Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support Modifications and Child Support Enforcement (and Defenses to them)
  • Child Custody, Parental Allocation Decision-making and Parenting Time
  • Petitions for Indirect Civil Contempt of Court
  • Emergency Petition and Motions
  • Orders of Protection Matters and Family Law Matters
  • Change of Custody Motions
Marital Settlement Agreements
We also help negotiate marital settlement agreements and draft marital settlement agreements.  We assist people with uncontested divorces and collaborative divorces.  Divorces can be expensive and adversarial.  We can be aggressive or reasonable in our divorce negotiations depending on your wants and needs.  We operate in our client’s best interests.  When negotiating your marital settlement agreement, you need an advocate and an experienced divorce attorney in Plano Il to assist you.
Child Custody Cases
Sean Robertson is an experienced child custody attorney.  We have significant experience in negotiating custody agreements and parenting plans including shared custody agreements.  Equal parenting rights are increasing in importance and having a divorce attorney in Plano that has traditional every other weekend visitation experience and equal parenting experience  is crucial.  At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we believe preparation and creativity are important factors when handling child custody cases.
Contact Sean Robertson Today at 630-882-9117 for your FREE initial consultation
Contact Sean Robertson at 630-882-9117 for your FREE initial consultation.  We are your Plano IL divorce attorneys.  We focus on Kendall County Divorce Attorneys.