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Small Business Attorneys

Small Business Attorneys

Robertson Legal Group, LLC are Small Business Attorneys in Oswego and Kendall County, Illinois.

As Small Business Lawyers, Attorney Robertson understands how business law, tax issues, and liability concerns combine to affect small business owners in the Oswego IL and surrounding areas. Our business attorneys provide customized solutions for Oswego IL area businesses including the following:

• Incorporations such as LLCs, Serial LLCs, and Corporations
• Drafting of LLC Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements
• Advise and counsel related to business risks and asset protection planning
Commercial Litigation and Breach of Contract Concerns
• Collections
• Obtaining Federal Tax Identification Numbers and State of Illinois Tax Related Documents
• Purchase and Sale of a Franchise
• Restaurant Start Up and Consultations
• Business Purchases and Sales
Business license issues and advice
• Business Agreements and Corporate Documents
• Franchise Representation
• Estate Planning for Business Owners
Appropriate business tax advice and structure advice including payroll tax concerns
• Start Up Business Set-Up and Structure
• Review and Drafting of Commercial Real Estate Leases and Documents


We are a fellow entrepreneur and small business owner. As a small business owner and attorney, we advise small business, start up businesses, and family-owned businesses on their business concerns and business growth strategies.
Many small business owners focus on growth goals, but business protection is critical for established small business owners. Attorney Robertson offers a consultation to hear your problem and devise solutions for your business problems.


Attorney Robertson is the Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC, which is a small business law firm catering to small to medium sized business owners. We assist small business owners with their growth and protection legal needs including drafting corporate agreements and documents. Employee issues are critical, and Sean understands how employee concerns relate small business owners. Sean Robertson is available at 630-780-1034. Our Yorkville Office is in Yorkville and Kendall County.

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