Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are Father’s Rights’ Attorneys in Oswego and Yorkville, Illinois.

Equal Rights and Father’s Rights’ Attorneys in Oswego, Yorkville and Kendall County

At our law firm, we represent Father’s in their child custody, divorce, and family law matters in Kendall County. Sean Robertson is a local Yorkville divorce and family law attorney. Sean Robertson is Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC, which has offices in Yorkville near Oswego, Illinois. Our attorneys focus on Kendall County Divorce and Family Law matters. We also help Father’s in surrounding areas with their divorce, child custody, and parenting issues.

We understand that Fathers want to see their child or children. Often, we hear Fathers or their spouses or significant others call us because their former spouse or ex is not allowing them to see their children. We assist Fathers in divorce cases establish temporary visitation orders allowing them to see their children. Furthermore, we represent the interests of Fathers and Men in divorce and paternity cases.

Child Visitation Attorneys Servicing Oswego, Yorkville, Plano, and Kendall County

Robertson Legal Group, LLC has the experience and advocacy to assist Fathers in Oswego, Illinois. We represent a diverse array of fathers from Latino, African-American, Caucasian, Asian, and Indian Fathers among others with their child custody and child visitation concerns. We appreciate diversity and we understand different diverse attorneys unlike most divorce attorneys. We often hear that people do not relate to their divorce attorney. We relate to Fathers from a diverse ethic and income background. Sean Robertson has the ability to relate with people from the court room to the streets. We are normal Fathers and Parents just like you.

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Sean Robertson is a 15 year experienced divorce and parenting attorney. Sean Robertson is a graduate of DePaul University College of Law and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Sean Robertson represents Fathers with respect to their parenting, family, and child custody cases. Sean Robertson offers a FREE initial consultation at 630-882-9117.