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Oswego Divorce Attorneys

Oswego Divorce Attorneys is our law firm’s expertise. We concentrate in Oswego and Kendall County Divorce matters. Our attorneys are experienced and located near Oswego in Yorkville. Our attorneys are experienced dissolution of marriage attorneys with offices in Yorkville, near Oswego, Plano, Shorewood, Minooka, Morris, Aurora, Montgomery, Plainfield, and Joliet.

Pre-Decree Divorce Attorneys in Oswego IL

Sean Robertson concentrates in divorce law in Oswego and Kendall County. A pre-decree divorce is a new divorce, which is beginning the dissolution of marriage process. Responsive and high quality legal representation is vital during the beginning of a pre-decree divorce case before court orders are entered. The first stage in a divorce case is the filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage:  Oswego Divorce Attorneys

Lawyers at our law firm assist couples with the initiating of the divorce process and responding to the filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Sean Robertson has over 15 years of experience. Sean Robertson has the ability to negotiate a favorable settlement or aggressively take your matter to hearing or trial. Sean Robertson is a graduate of DePaul University College of Law where he obtained his juris doctor.

Petition for Temporary Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

We are full-time Yorkville and Kendall County Dissolution of Marriage attorneys. Our attorneys focus on matrimonial and dissolution of marriage matters. Our seasoned attorneys have the passion and experience to properly represent your interests. Normally, a divorce case will have the filing of a Petition for Temporary Child Support and Spousal Maintenance. Temporary court orders are court orders, which occur before the divorce case is finalized.

A Petition for Temporary Child Support is an initial legal pleading, which is requesting child support while the divorce case is pending. Generally, both parents report their financial income and give a copy of their paystubs for calculation of temporary child support orders. An Income Withholding Order of Support is entered and generally, the non-residential parent’s child support payment automatically is withdraw from their paycheck.

Spousal maintenance is a payment, which is awarded to a spouse, which provides them a regular payment to compensate them. The purpose of spousal support is to provide a payment to balance out their income to their spouse’s income. The period of spousal maintenance in Illinois is determined by the length of the marriage or extraordinary circumstances such as a long-term health issue. Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC provide high-quality and top-notch divorce, child support, and child custody representation in Oswego and Kendall County.

Experienced Oswego and Kendall County Divorce, Child Support, and Child Custody Attorneys

Sean Robertson and the attorneys of Robertson Legal Group, LLC are experienced Oswego divorce and dissolution of marriage attorneys. Our Yorkville Office concentrates in Kendall County Divorce and Matrimonial Attorneys. Our office in Yorkville is near Plano, Sandwich, Oswego, Aurora, Montgomery, Plainfield, Joliet, Newark, Plattville, and Bristol. We offer a FREE initial consultation. Reach us at 630-882-9117.