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Declaration of Trust Lawyer

Declaration of Trust Lawyer

We are a Declaration of Trust Attorney serving Oswego, Illinois and Kendall County. As a Trust Attorney, we concentrate in estate planning and living trust.

Family Trust Lawyer in Oswego IL

Attorney Robertson customizes estate plans and living trust for each client. Most families have failed either to have an estate plan or update their estate plan. Here at Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we work with the elderly and seniors and families devise a realistic but effective estate plan.

Oswego IL Living Trust Attorneys

As Living Trust Attorneys, we understand the power of Living Trust versus Wills. Wills must undergo a court process called “probate court”. As probate attorneys, probate court is risky and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases when a will contest occurs.
A Last Will and Testament is a public document and must be filed at the local courthouse. Moreover, a Last Will and Testament must be probated at the Kendall County Courthouse where a Judge will supervise the administration and distribution of assets. A Kendall County Court Judge could veto your decision to appoint a executor. 

Unlike a Last Will and Testament, a Living Trust avoids probate court. A Living Trust is a private document and no notices must be mailed to disgruntled heirs which encourages a Will or Trust Contest. A Living Trust provides a smooth transition upon your death or incapacity.  Your family wealth is transferred to your loved one’s without court interference.

What is a Declaration of Trust?

A Declaration of Trust is a Living Trust or Family Trust, which outlines your wishes upon your death or incapacity. Trust have several names and a Declaration of Trust is one name for a Living Trust or otherwise known as a “Revocable Living Trust”. A Declaration of Trust appoints a Trustee and Successor Trustee or co-Trustees that will manage your estate’s money upon a death or incapacity.

A Declaration of Trust also describes how you want to distribute specific gifts and whether you want any strings attached to protect your family’s inheritance. For example, a powerful tool of a Trust is the ability to create sub-trust for children and grandchildren where the principal of the sub-trust can only be attained at ages 25, 30 or 35 years of age (or as you desire).   We can customize your family’s estate planning goals through a Declaration of Trust Agreement.

Experienced Oswego IL Declaration of Trust Attorney

As an experienced Declaration of Trust Attorney serving residents of Oswego and the surrounding communities such as the following cities:
• South Naperville
• Naperville
• Plainfield
• Joliet
• Plano
• Yorkville
• Bristol
• Newark
• Kendall County

As Kendall County Trust Attorneys, Attorney Robertson and his team of estate planning attorneys and support staff will prove you and your family with a customized estate planning solution. We work in the following areas of estate planning:

• Living Trust or otherwise known as a “Declaration of Trust”
• Family Estate Planning
• Guardianship Planning for the Elderly and Minor Children
Last Wills and Testaments
• Special Needs Estate Planning and Third-Party Special Needs Trust
• Medicaid Irrevocable Trust
Dynasty Trust
• Retirement Plan Trust or otherwise known as “IRA Stretch Trust”
• Probate and Probate Avoidance
Appointment of Guardians for Minor Children and Disabled Adults
• Asset Protection Planning
• Physician Estate Planning and Asset Protection Planning


A Declaration of Trust Lawyer is here to serve your needs. Our Yorkville Office is located near Oswego, Aurora, Montgomery, Plainfield, Naperville, Joliet, Newark, Bristol, Plattville, Minooka, and Shorewood. We provide FREE initial estate planning appointments to answer your questions and assist to plan your estate plan. Attorney Robertson is a 15-year experienced estate planning and asset protection attorney.  We are passionate about estate planning and senior planning. We can be reached at 630-780-1034 or via email at Sean@RobertsonLegalGroupLLC.com.

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