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At Robertson Legal Group, LLC we understand that divorce is a complicated matter. We also understand that each case is different, depending on the circumstances of the couple involved and their unique needs. Our approach to the divorce process is simple. We listen carefully to our clients and then work hard to obtain a favorable outcome in even the most complicated cases.

The divorce attorneys at our firm have nearly 15 years of combined legal experience. We are proud to put our knowledge and skill to work for individuals and families throughout Kendall County, Grundy County, Kane County, and Will County. If you are considering a divorce, contact our office before you make any decisions.

Kendall County Divorce Attorneys

Financial and property considerations are often among the most contested elements of any divorce case, and understandably so. You have worked hard to build a life with your spouse and now that your life is changing, you need to be able to provide for yourself and your children. Our attorneys will assist you in identifying, valuating and dividing marital property in a manner that fully protects your rights and meets your needs.

We will also help you determine if spousal maintenance is appropriate for your situation. Whether you are looking to receive spousal support or have been asked to pay it, our lawyers will work with you in finding a resolution that is equitable and just.

Lawyers for Divorcing Clients in Kendall County

The experienced team at Robertson Legal Group, LLC understands that a negotiated divorce settlement is usually preferable over litigation. We also realize that negotiation and compromise are not always possible in every situation. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, the court will make property and financial decisions for you. In doing so, the court will take into account a wide range of factors including:

  • Each party’s income, resources, and needs;
  • Each party’s age, health, employability;
  • The length of the marriage;
  • The lifestyle and standard of living enjoyed during the marriage;
  • Arrangements being made for the parties’ children;
  • Any valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreements; and
  • Many others.

We will work with you in building a case designed to obtain a favorable judgment no matter what type of challenges you may be facing.

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Divorce is often difficult and confusing, but our attorneys can help make the process easier. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact our office. Call 630-882-9117 or via email for a free consultation at Robertson Legal Group, LLC today. With offices in Yorkville, Illinois, we are proud to serve clients throughout Kendall County such as Sandwich, Oswego, Yorkville, Bristol, Newark, Montgomery, Aurora, Plainfield, and Joliet.