Kendall County Divorce and Spousal Support Lawyers

Sean Robertson is a family and divorce attorney with offices in Yorkville and Kendall County, Illinois.  Sean Robertson is an experienced divorce and spousal support attorney.  Sean Robertson is a licensed attorney with significant expertise in child custody, child support, spousal support, and divorce matters.  Whether you are facing a dissolution of marriage proceeding or facing a post-divorce proceeding, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC can assist you with your divorce or dissolution matter.

Kendall County Dissolution of Marriage and Spousal Alimony Attorneys

Our attorneys reside in Yorkville and Kendall County, and we understand the Kendall County area.  Unlike many divorce attorneys, we are full-time residents of Kendall County and understand the local Kendall County area well.  We assist residents of Kendall County including Yorkville, Oswego, Plano, Bristol, Newark, Plainfield, and Joliet among other areas.  Whether you are facing a pre-decree divorce matter and financial decisions and parenting issues are our stakes, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC can assist you.

Hire an Experienced Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer in Yorkville, Plainfield, and Joliet Kendall County

Divorce matters have significant impacts on your life and your child’s life.  Our attorneys are advocates for parents during divorce and child custody matters.  The issue of child support and parenting decisions will significantly impact you and your family’s lives for years.  Spousal maintenance is a significant issue in divorce matters.  Spousal alimony will have a substantial impact on your life whether you are the payor or the payee.  Sean Robertson can counsel you on these important financial decisions.

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