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Raising a child with someone you are not married to can be challenging under the best of circumstances. The situation can become even more difficult when one parent wishes to move to a new city or state with the child. Depending on how far the intended move will be, the moving parent may need to seek the other parent’s consent first. At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, we work with parents who are looking to move as well as those contesting a proposed relocation.

Child Custody Attorneys in Kendall County

According to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, a parent who has been granted an equal share or more of the parenting time with his or her child must obtain the other parent’s consent for a move that constitutes a relocation. A relocation is defined in the law as a move with a child that is:

  • More than 25 miles to a new home in Illinois from a current home in DuPage County, Will County, Cook County, Kane County, Lake County, or McHenry County;
  • More than 50 miles to a new home in Illinois from a current home in any other Illinois county; or
  • More than 25 miles to a new home outside of Illinois from a current home anywhere in Illinois.

The other parent’s consent is needed because a relocation represents a significant change in circumstances for the child, and would require a modification of the parenting plan currently in place. Our attorneys can help you develop a modified parenting plan that allows your child to continue a healthy relationship with the other parent despite the new distance.

Representing Your Interests in Plano IL Relocation Proceedings

If the other parent does not agree to your intended move, you may still seek the court’s approval to proceed with your relocation. You will need to convince the court that the relocation will ultimately serve your child’s best interests. In making its decision, the court will consider:

  • Your motives for the relocation;
  • Educational and financial opportunities at the current and proposed locations;
  • Your child’s adjustment to his or her home, school, and community;
  • The presence or absence of extended family in each location;
  • The relationship between your child and the other parent; and
  • Your willingness and ability to foster a continued relationship between your child and the other parent.

The court will also take into account the other parent’s motives for objecting to the move as well as the potential negative impact on his or her relationship with the child.

At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, our knowledgeable attorneys have more than 14 years of combined family law experience. We are equipped to help both parents looking to move and those who wish to prevent a relocation that could jeopardize their parent-child relationship.

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