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Co-parenting with a former boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse is difficult.  Family law attorneys protect people’s rights and assist to devise realistic solutions to difficult parenting challenges.  When facing co-parenting challenges, hiring an experienced child custody and family lawyer is a wise investment.  At our law firm, we are a team of experienced attorneys and staff that protect our client’s legal rights.  

Furthermore, we educate clients on their child-related matters and advise clients on their vital parental rights.  Facing a custody or divorce matter should be a team event.  Your rights as a parent are too important to fight for your rights’ alone.  At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, our lawyers understand the vital importance of preparation.  Your case is too important to ignore essential facts, which will impact you and your child’s life.  Obtaining favorable results require a law firm sensitive to your family’s needs. 

Parenting and Custody Lawyers in Yorkville and Kendall County

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act was updated in 2017 to meet the challenges of divorce and child custody law.  The term “child custody” has been amended to a new concept.  The new child custody concept is “allocation of parental responsibilities”.  Allocation of parental responsibilities is the new term for child custody.  Child visitation is now considered “parenting time”.  The term allocation of parental responsibilities addresses the four major issues of parenting:  a)  Educational Decision Making; b)  Extracurricular Decision Making;   c)  Religious Choices; and d)  Health Care and Related Issues.

Experienced Parenting Lawyers:  Protecting Children’s Best Interests

Under the new family law, the terms sole and joint custody are invalid.  The new term is allocation of significant decision-making authority.  Under the four major parenting issues, each parent can be granted exclusive decision making for one particular area.  The new law’s goal was to nullify the winner and loser status of sole vs. joint custody.  Now, decision making is flexible because the court can grant the authority for joint decision making for all decisions with the exception of one major category.  Parental decision making may be granted exclusively to one parent or divided between them.  Sean Robertson may be reached today at 630-882-9117 or via email at

If you are facing a child custody issue, our lawyers are willing to set-up a free initial consultation.  We service families in the Yorkville and Kendall County areas such as Oswego, Plainfield, Yorkville, Aurora, Montgomery, Shorewood, Plano, Newark, Plattville, and Bristol areas.