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Kendall County Allocation Judgement Attorneys

Kendall County Allocation Judgement Attorneys


 What is an allocation judgment?

An allocation judgment is also known as a “parenting plan” or a “custody judgment,” which is a written agreement that describes how parenting decisions and child visitation will take place post-divorce (or post-execution of the allocation judgment).  Generally, the allocation judgment is entered into the Yorkville and Kendall County Circuit Court.  The allocation judgment is written to highlight the agreement between two parents.  The allocation judgment describes how key parental decisions are made such as the following:

  • Educational Decision Making
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Religious Decisions
  • Healthcare Decisions

Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC assist parents in the Yorkville area such as Plano, Montgomery, Oswego, Newark, Plainfield, Joliet, Bristol, and Aurora with child custody and divorce-related concerns.  Furthermore, Sean Robertson and his team of attorneys work with parents regarding establishing paternity.  Establishing paternity is critical because this proves the father and parent relationship.  After the father and parent relationship is established, child support and child visitation rights are granted to a father.

Educational Decision Making in Yorkville, Oswego, and Kendall County

The allocation judgment should describe which school district a child or children will attend.  Furthermore, the allocation judgment which explains how parents will jointly or singularly will choose the children’s school district through high school.  The parenting plan will also define what everyday parenting decisions.  Routine parenting decisions are daily parenting and regular supervision and care when a child is with a particular parent.

Parental involvement is strongly encouraged in the allocation judgment.  Parental involvement is in the best interest of children such as both parents are entitled to duplicate originals of a child’s school records and grade reports.  Both parents are listed as “emergency contacts” and shall be notified by the school in emergencies.  Both parents’ email and telephone number should be listed in school directories.  Finally, each parent is encouraged to participate in parent and teacher conferences.

Religious Decisions in Yorkville, Oswego, and Kendall County

Religious decisions are decisions which relate to a minor child’s religious choices.  The Kendall County Circuit Court generally encourages a mother and a father to make joint decision making of a minor child’s religious upbringing.  In certain circumstances, religious decision making is much more difficult when one parent is strictly religious or the parents have different faiths.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC assist parents with child custody and parental decision making in Yorkville and Kendall County concerning parenting decision making.

Extracurricular Activities

Kendall County Circuit Court generally encourages a mother and father to jointly made decisions affecting a minor child’s extracurricular and school activities.  An allocation judgment must describe how the following issues are handled:

  • Payment for Lessons and Extracurricular Activities
  • Consideration of a Minor Child’s Aptitudes and Preferences
  • Scheduling of individual lessons and extracurricular activities
  • Team and Group Extracurricular Activities
  • Communication between Parents related to Extracurricular Activites
  • Attendance and Contact with Instructors and Coaches
  • Listed as an Emergency Contact

Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC assist parents with child custody and parenting decision making in Yorkville and Kendall County matters related to paternity issues, divorce, post-divorce, and parenting decision making.  Sean Robertson is a local Yorkville attorney and an experienced divorce and family law attorney. 

Medical and Health Related Decision Making

An allocation judgment must detail how medical and healthcare decisions are made for a minor child.  These decisions include the following choices:

  • Conduct of the Parties
  • Selection of Medical Providers
  • Access to Medical Records and Healthcare Providers
  • Notification of an Illness or Injury
  • Scheduling of Medical Appointments

Generally, men and women enjoy joint decision making involving medical and health-related decision making.  Often, men or the non-residential parent must exercise their legal rights to obtain these constitutional rights related to health-related decision making.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a local Yorkville law firm that assists men and women with family and divorce-related issues.

Parenting time and Visitation Schedule

An allocation judgment should also describe how parenting time and child visitation occurs.  Parenting time is likely the most significant decision in a family or divorce matter.  Parenting time is a parent’s time that they have the right to see their minor child.  Non-residential parents have significant issues with parenting time because they lack full-time and equal parenting time with the residential parent (unless the parents are co-parenting).  Father’s Rights and Non-Residential Parents’ Rights are increasing in importance because both parents want equal parenting time with a minor child.  An allocation judgment should describe the weekly or bi-weekly parenting schedule.  Often, a parent will get one day per week to spend time with the minor child.  Overnight visitation is normally a significant negotiation issue.  Furthermore, parents want telephone and facetime contact during the week.  Special parenting time issues such as birthdays, mother’s day (father’s day), and special occasions (funeral of a parent or relative) are also described in the allocation judgment.  Summer visitation and spring break visitation are also included in the allocation judgment.  Equally important is a parent’s holiday schedule such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, and many other essential holidays are addressed in the allocation judgment.


In summary, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are child custody, divorce, paternity, and post-divorce attorneys in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Our law firm and attorneys negotiate parenting plans or otherwise known as “allocation judgments” in Kendall County.  Unlike many family and divorce lawyers, our Yorkville law firm is a full-time Kendall County law firm.  We can be reached at 630-882-9117 or via email at