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Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a Kendall County Family, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Law Firm with offices in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Our attorneys focus in the areas of divorce and family law, estate planning, and real estate transactions including real estate closings for buyers and sellers.  We also handle Kendall County Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions for Landlords in Yorkville, Illinois.


The Attorneys at Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a premier Yorkville and Kendall County Family, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Law Firm focused on the following areas of law:

Family and Divorce Law

  • Family Law including establishment of paternity, child support, and parenting time (or child visitation time)
  • Initiating of Divorce and Divorce Contested Representation
  • Uncontested Divorce Matters in Yorkville and Kendall County
  • Child Relocation
  • Small Business Divorce and Self-Employed Divorce
  • Child Support and Child Support Modification
  • Spousal Support or otherwise known as “Alimony” and “Spousal Maintenance” Attorneys
  • Uncontested Divorce Matters
  • Calculation of Child Support and Spousal Support
  • Parenting Plans or otherwise known as “Allocation Judgments”
  • Custody Judgments and Amendments to Custody Judgments and Parenting Plans (or otherwise known as “Allocation Judgments”)
  • Adoptions
  • Guardianship Proceedings
  • Orders of Protection and Domestic Violence
  • Jurisdictional Challenges
Estate Planning Law
  •  Last Wills and Testament and Pour Over Wills
  • Revocable Living Trust or otherwise known as “Declaration of Trust” or “Living Trust”
  • Special Needs Estate Planning
  • Probate and Guardianship Appointments:  Appointments of Executors and Guardians
  • Healthcare Advanced Directives and Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorneys for Property and Healthcare
  • IRA and Retirement Trust
  • Asset Protection
  • Family Estate Planning and Joint Trust Planning
  • Children and Grandchildren Sub-Trust Planning
  • Estate and Gift Taxation Planning
  • Family Business and Estate Planning
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • Estates and Trusts
  • Small Estate Affidavits
  • Alternatives to Probate Court
Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Closings:  Buyer and Seller Closings for Houses, Condos, New Construction and Other
  • Kendall County Landlord Tenant Evictions or otherwise known as “Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions”
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Formation of Limited Liability Corporations
  • Purchase and Sales of Businesses and Franchises
  • Series LLCs for Real Estate Investments
  • Holding and Subsidiary Company Asset Protection Planning
  • Joint Deceased Tenancy Affidavits
  • Seller and Buyer Closing Documents
  • Private Land Trust
Experienced Kendall County Family, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Attorneys in Yorkville
We are the Founder of Robertson Legal Group, LLC which has offices in Yorkville and Kendall County.  Our experienced Kendall County Attorneys assist residents and business owners with family and divorce, estate planning, and real estate transactions in Yorkville.  We also service other areas in Kendall County such as the following:
  • Oswego
  • Boulder Hill
  • Newark
  • Bristol
  • Plattville
  • Montgomery
  • Aurora IL
  • Plano
  • Yorkville
  • Minooka
  • Plainfield
  • Joliet
  • Sandwich
  •  Millbrook
  • Lisbon
  •  Little Rock
Our attorneys at Robertson Legal Group, LLC can be reached at 630-780-1034.  We offer FREE initial consultations.


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