Grundy County Child Support Modification

Our law firm is a Grundy County Child Support Modification Law Firm. Our child support attorneys focus on child support and modification of child support actions. Sean Robertson is Principal of the child support modification law firm of Robertson Legal Group, LLC. Robertson Legal Group, LLC protects the rights of parents that want to Petition to Modify Child Support.

Petition to Modify Child Support in Morris IL

A Petition to Modify Child Support or otherwise called a Petition to Amend Child Support is a legal document, which alleges that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. The legal basis for a change in child support is a “substantial change in circumstances”. A substantial change in circumstances is generally due to an increase in pay or a loss of a job. The Grundy Court has discretion to modify a person’s child support payments.

Financial Disclosure Statement

Generally, in post-divorce or family law cases, a financial disclosure statement is a financial affidavit which discloses a person’s income, assets, and liabilities. The main purpose of the financial affidavit is disclosure of relevant financial status to the other party. Often, discovery will be initiated by opposing attorneys which seeks to identify relevant tax returns, paystubs, and other relevant financial information such as bank statements and credit card statements. Typically, the last three years of these documents is reasonable.

Experienced Morris and Grundy County Child Support Modification Attorneys

Our South Yorkville Offices are near Grundy County, Morris, and Minooka. Sean Robertson is an experienced child support modification attorney with offices in Yorkville. We advocate for parents with regards to child support modifications. We amend orders of support and income withholding orders. Through an amended Income Withholding Order, a person’s child support may be directly withdrawn from their paycheck. Sean Robertson represents mothers and fathers in their family and child support matters. When you are facing a child support modification case in Morris and Grundy County, Sean Robertson is eager to assist you. We can be reached at 630-882-9117. We offer a FREE initial consultation.