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Naperville Dynasty Trust

Naperville Dynasty Trust

Tax Planning Attorney Serving DuPage County and the Surrounding Areas

At Robertson Legal Group, LLC, Attorney Sean and his team assist clients in the areas of estate planning, tax planning, trust planning, and special needs planning. Our firm has significant experience with wealth management and asset protection, both of which are important to upper- and middle-class families in Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, and the surrounding areas. With a law degree from DePaul University College of Law and more than 14 years of experience, Attorney Robertson is equipped to help clients create the financial security they deserve.

The team at Robertson Legal Group, LLC is proud to provide holistic, personalized attention when it comes to estate planning and wealth management. This means that we listen closely to our clients’ needs and help find ways to address them. We understand that DuPage County families are often concerned about how estate taxes—sometimes referred to as the “death tax”—will affect their family business or the inheritances of their loved ones. A carefully planned and well-written estate plan can be invaluable in protecting assets from inheritance taxes and creditor claims. Our firm utilizes life insurance trusts, gifting strategies, dynasty trusts, and other instruments that transfer wealth from one generation to the next while minimizing tax liabilities.

Dynasty and Generation-Skipping Trust Attorney in Warrenville and Winfield

A dynasty trust utilizes taxation strategies to legally bypass inheritance and estate taxes for the benefit of your children. In addition, a dynasty trust can include an invaluable asset protection component, known as a spendthrift provision, which protects a beneficiary’s inheritance from creditor concerns, such as a divorcing spouse. The outright distribution of assets common in a will and other types of trusts could leave a minor child’s inheritance subject to taxes. By naming the dynasty trust as the beneficiary, your children would become the beneficiaries of the dynasty trust, which would avoid the estate tax that would otherwise be charged upon the death of their second parent. Your children would have access to the principal and income during their lifetime without the potential for creditors making claims against their assets. This is most common in situations where an adult child beneficiary gets divorced and his or her ex-spouse attempts to obtain some of the assets included in the trust. In-law inheritance planning is one of the major motivators for parents—especially elder parents—to consider a dynasty trust.

There are several advantages to using a dynasty trust, including:

  • Incentive provisions, such college graduation or other life achievements to encourage certain behavior by the child/beneficiary;
  • Spendthrift and asset protection against divorcing spouses and other creditor concerns;
  • Estate tax and gift tax savings;
  • Flexibility that allows the dynasty trust to plan for special needs, future disabilities, and other considerations; and
  • Protection against immaturity and young adult mistakes.

Counsel for Family Trust Concerns

the rest of the team at Robertson Legal Group, LLC create clear, client-friendly estate planning documents, including “Trust Agreements” and “Declarations of Trust.” These documents are written instructions that name successor trustees and beneficiaries and set up the trust in a manner that protects assets from inheritance taxes and creditor claims. With educational and practical experience in tax law, including estate taxation and gift taxation, Attorney Robertson is equipped to provide the guidance you need. To learn more about our firm and how we can help you, contact our office onlineor call 630-780-1034 for a free consultation today.

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