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Robertson Legal Group, LLC is a boutique wealth management and real estate law firm focused exclusively on estate planning, asset protection, real estate closings, business and corporate law, and real estate asset protection law. Unlike most law firms, Robertson Legal Group, LLC has an expertise in tax planning and wealth law. This taxation background is the following:

  • Federal Income Tax Planning
  • LLC and Partnership Tax Planning
  • S Corporation and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection
  • Estate, Gift, and Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning and Advanced Planning
  • Real Estate and advanced real estate asset protection and business planning
  • Business Organizations and Corporations and Partnerships
  • Employee Benefits

We are the Principal of Robertson Legal Group, LLC focused on taxation and wealth management law at DePaul University College of Law. This taxation focused gave Robertson Legal Group, LLC in the interrelated areas of the following:

  • Wealth Management and Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning and Advanced Planning
  • Real Estate Trust or otherwise known as “IRA Inheritance Trusts” or “IRA Legacy Trusts”;
  • Wealth Management and Advanced Estate Planning
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
  • Dynasty Trust
  • Children’s Minor’s Trust
  • Bloodline Trust
  • Estate Planning for Blended Families and Step Families
  • Business Succession and Family Business Planning
  • Real Estate Asset Protection and Vacation and Investment Real Estate Planning
  • Use of Holding Companies and Subsidiaries for Business Interest to produce additional asset protection and lawsuit protection
  • Preparation of Wills and Pour Over Wills
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives, Powers of Attorneys for Property and Healthcare, and Living Wills
  • Estate Planning and Living Trust Packages
  • Family Limited Liability Partnerships and Family Limited Liability Corporations
  • Small Estate Affidavits and Joint Tenancy Affidavits
  • Medicaid and Nursing Home Asset Protection
  • Planning for Families with Children with Special Needs
  • Estate Tax Planning and Gift Tax Planning

In conclusion, Sean has a passion and an excellence for the areas of estate planning, asset protection, and advanced planning law. Robertson Legal Group, LLC handles advanced and complex estate planning issues for families and their children. his team of professionals provide exceptional service and quick turnaround on the issues related to your estate planning and asset protection legal issues. Robertson Legal Group, LLC offers free initial consultations for estate planning areas.

Naperville and Aurora, Illinois Residential Real Estate Attorney

Robertson Legal Group, LLC focuses on residential real estate transactions and works with a team with local lenders, realtors, mortgage professionals, home inspectors, and other real estate professionals serving his clients’ interests. We are passionate about real estate law and servicing his clients. his team of assistants and certified paralegals provide exceptional service and responsiveness.

We are an experienced real estate attorney that serves as general counsel to a small title company in the Western Suburbs. In this capacity, Sean deals with a wide variety of real estate related issues involving probate estates, title concerns, business and LLC issues, and a wide variety of simple to complex real estate issues. his team are experienced in the preparation of quit claim deeds, title insurance, joint deceased tenancy affidavits and issues title issues surrounding real estate title issues. Sean has a niche in real estate transactions involving sellers of homes, condos, commercial properties, and investment properties.

Additionally, Sean has a unique experience because his asset protection niche is relevant to real estate owners and investors. Sean’s knowledge of creative ways to hold real estate title minimizes lawsuits, passes real estate in efficient ways, and maximizes asset protection. Often, real estate owners transfer ownership of properties to LLCs, Corporations, Trusts, and Family Members, which present unique real estate and estate planning challenges. Unlike most real estate attorneys, Sean understands how estate planning, asset protection, and business law work together. Real estate owners benefit from this skill set because real estate ownership affects his clients’ risk to creditor’s claims and lawsuits and estate issues. This unique talent is useful because real estate affects client’s livelihood and financial security. Families own real estate as vacation and investment properties and often, their real estate ownership exposes them to unnecessary and unforeseen risks. These unnecessary and unforeseen risks impact client’s financial and economic security. Furthermore, Robertson Legal Group, LLC handles landlord evictions for landlords and real estate owners. Finally, Sean has practiced in the areas of divorce and matrimonial law and many real estate transactions or post-real estate transactions involve divorce or post-divorce issues. Most estate planning and financial concerns involve concerns involving family risks and conflicts. Understanding divorce and child custody related problems are helpful to clients’ real estate, estate planning, and corporate law needs.

Real Estate Law

  • House and Real Estate Closings with a niche in seller’s residential real estate closings;
  • Review of Real Estate Purchase Agreements for Residential Real Estate Transactions;
  • Cleaning up title issues related to real estate ownership;
  • Affidavit of Heirships;
  • Drafting of Real Estate Contracts and Purchase Agreements for Buyers and Sellers that are performing transactions without Realtors
  • Deceased Joint Tenancy Affidavits
  • Setting up Limited Liability Corporations and S corporations for Real Estate Ownership
  • Drafting of Quit Claim Deeds removing and adding spouses to title; transferring real estate to Living Trust; and other related exempt real estate transactions;
  • Use of Holding and Subsidiary Companies for Real Estate Investors and Ownership
  • Land Trust for Real Estate Ownership
  • Land Sale Contracts
  • LLC and Corporate Resolutions for the Sale of Real Estate

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